Structured Cabling Services

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Structured Cabling Services

If you need to run voice and data wiring from a source to every conference room, office, cubicle or workstation in your business facility, you will need a network cabling vendor to install all the necessary hardware that includes patch panels and conduits. Once the wires are in place, you will also want the installers to test for point-to-point connectivity as well as signaling speeds.

The C.O.T. Advantage

We are delighted to offer this as a value-added service as it provides an extra layer of accountability to the different types of clients we serve. At C.O.T., our teams are dedicated in the provision of core physical infrastructure transformation and low voltage cabling services to ensure you get the most out of the technologies you usually use in your workspace.

What We Offer for IT Infrastructure Cabling Services

C.O.T. is experienced with multiple types of CAT and fiber optics cables. We will arrive on-site to work closely with you to determine what the best materials for your business environment are. Our technicians adhere closely to TIA/EIA industry standards as well as the testing or termination of cables with full TIA/EIA-568-B.2 compliance.

Cable and Telephone Cables

There are three main types of CAT cables that C.O.T. provide, which are twisted copper wires that enable data and voice transmission:

  • Cat 5: This is a type of structured cable that can be found in older wiring setups. Although manufacturers still support Cat 5 cables, it is rarely produced. Cat 5 is upward compatible with Cat 5e and is suitable for low-bandwidth applications when rewiring is not required.
  • Cat 5e: These cables are capable of transmissions that are up to 100 MHz. They are also common cabling solutions for most businesses. This type of cables can cater to a majority of today’s cabling needs and is compliant with most local installation and building codes.
  • Cat 6: They perform twice as better as Cat 5e cables and cost more. They are best suited for more complicated applications such as VOIP connectivity. Cat 6 cables offer higher data rates and are backward compatible with Cat 5e to provide greater bandwidth – preparing you for all future needs.

Fiber Optics

Ntiva offers all types of businesses both single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables. The former consists of a single strand of glass fiber that has a diameter of 8.3 to 10 microns with one mode of transmission. Single-mode optic fibers have higher bandwidth than the latter, but require a light source that has a narrow spectral width.

Multi-mode cables have larger diameters that go up to 100 microns for the light carry component. These fibers can give you high-speed bandwidths (10 to 100MBS – Gigabit to 275m to 2km).

If you are interested in our cabling services, talk to us today to find out how you can improve your current IT environment.

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