Remote Network Monitoring


Remote Network Monitoring

Remote monitoring & management services are aimed to improve your operational efficiency and productivity significantly by leveraging the potential of IT automation. This particular service can easily take care of any repetitive IT maintenance process or task, automatically run auto-remediation programs and monitor mission critical network components.

The C.O.T. Advantage

C.O.T. is dedicated and passionate in tackling and solving all types of problems pertaining to IT. We understand that each client has their own unique set of IT issues, and we can customize a plan that suits your business needs. With the implementation of our bespoke services, your IT problems will be quickly resolved and your systems can continue to operate without problems.

What We Offer for Remote Monitoring & Management

For a business to succeed, its IT infrastructure must be impeccable. We at C.O.T. can deliver proactive services to keep your network functioning efficiently and effectively. Our full-service packages mean that you will experience increased reliability, security and performance instantly. You will also be able to add extra features, at affordable prices, to improve your networks and ROI on IT investment.

Detailed Site Level Inventory

The most updated information pertaining to patches, software and hardware is automatically collected by us. These are information are 100% accurate and can be used while making insurance claims in case of theft, fire or flood.

Graphical Performance Reporting

We can make the process of planning upgrades and capacity management seems like a breeze. We will also provide graphical reports that are easy to understand and include acceptable or unacceptable lines. Lastly, scheduled executive reports are automatically generated and sent to your email.

Fast Response

Automatic alerts will be dispatched to your IT service provider and this means you can solve problems at your site much faster. At C.O.T., we can monitor what issues affect your network the most, and we will rectify the issues before they turn critical.

Remote Management and Communication

We monitor network services such as FTP, HTTP, POP3 and others. If onsite assistance is necessary when an issue arises, we can send specialists who are fully prepared and have in-depth knowledge to resolve issues quickly. C.O.T. works to reduce disruptions to your work environment while resolving issues with a secure VPN system. These processes have low bandwidth requirements and do not slow down your network response time.

Security Monitoring

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your whole network’s security with the extensive security reports we provide you! If unauthorized users attempt to access your network, we will promptly alert your IT service provider. We also provide software that control, limit and ban programs such as illegal P2P file sharing programs as they are require high bandwidths and can slow down your networks.

Not only does C.O.T. fix network issues, we also manage the growth of your network. Give us a call today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation on how we can perform remote monitoring and management for you.

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