Data Backup & Recovery


Data Backup & Recovery

What is the true cost of a disaster? For most organizations, this is a difficult question to answer. For some, this question has not even been asked at all. Will your organization be able to survive? Let C.O.T. help you answer these questions and create a viable business continuity and disaster recovery plan based around your organizations needs. Through the integration of cutting edge technology, reliable and secure backup methodology, and business know-how, our team can ensure that your organization is prepared for the worst.

The C.O.T. Advantage

Data security and availability is one of the most critical aspects of a good disaster recovery plan. C.O.T. will help you navigate the variety of technologies that are available to provide you with best of breed backup strategies. Most importantly, C.O.T. leverages its strategic partnerships to provide you with solutions at an affordable price that is in line with your organizations budget.

What We Offer for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups can be confusing. Local, Cloud, Tape, Disk, Zip Drive… the choices are endless. As such, C.O.T.’s offerings are broken down into several easy to understand services.

Automated Backup

For most of our clients, Automated Backup is the minimum protection level which we recommend. Not all organizations require rapid recovery times or complex disaster recovery plans. Our Automated Backup solution is designed to provide just the right balance between investment and protection.

Here’s a quick look at how it works:

  • – Our lightweight backup agent is installed by our team on all devices for which backup is required.
  • – Basic settings are configured and backups are automatically started upon completion of installation.
  • – Ongoing backups are then done automatically as files are altered or added. All backups are compressed and encrypted for security.
  • – All backups are stored in the “Cloud” and are accessible immediately, anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • – Low startup and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • – No additional required hardware for basic backup services.
  • – Cloud based backup solution with data redundancy and availability.

Critical Recovery Service (CRS)

CRS was designed to provide an enterprise level backup and disaster recovery solution without the enterprise cost. CRS not only provides image level backups for your infrastructure, it also provides on-site and cloud based virtualization capabilities to perform critical business functions in the event of a disaster.

Key Benefits:

  • – Included hardware appliance for local storage of backups and on demand virtualization.
  • – Cloud based storage priced as low as XX/GB.
  • – Immediate restore from local appliance or cloud data in event of disaster or outage.
  • – On demand cloud virtualization of entire infrastructure in event of disaster.

Custom Solutions

Not all organizations fit into these pre-defined solutions. If your organization has unique needs for backup and disaster recovery, C.O.T. can create a custom solution just for you.

Our client centric approach incorporates technical architecture support and business know-how to build a solution around your business process. In addition, we partner with leading enterprise disaster recovery software experts such as AppAssure, VEEAM, Double-Take, Axcient, Datto, and vRanger to provide a variety of options which ensure that you are getting the best solution.

For those with an existing plan, are you sure that your plan works? C.O.T. can help you test the plan, and make sure that your backup and disaster recovery efforts can match up with your business growth. You want your investments to pay off, so do we. C.O.T. makes sure that this becomes a reality by helping you shape your plan to yield the best results.

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